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World Press Freedom Award Presentation

Speaking notes for Hon. David Kilgour, Secretary of State (Latin America and Africa), M.P. Edmonton Southeast
for the presentation of the National Press Club of Canada Press Freedom Award on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day
May 3, 2000, National Press Club, 150 Wellington St. Ottawa

Greetings, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, members of the press corps.

It is an honour to join you today. In 1993 the United Nations proclaimed May 3 World Press Freedom Day, a day set aside for people around the world to turn their attention to the problems individual journalists and media organizations face in their pursuit of the truth. As a result of their work, journalists may find themselves victims of violence, threats and sometimes even death. Today we honour those journalists and draw attention to the forces in this world which may hinder their endeavours.

I am proud to present this year’s National Press Club of Canada Press Freedom Award to Vancouver Sun reporter, Kim Bolan, who is an example of someone committed to maintaining the freedom and integrity of the press in the face of major personal adversity.

Over the last 16 years at the Sun, Bolan has covered the Sikh faith community extensively, as well as women’s issues, education and social services. She has reported from war zones in El Salvador, Guatemala, Afghanistan and Northern India.

Her work has not been without consequences. In December 1997 she began receiving the death threats, which continued until very recently, thought to be related to her coverage of some members of a small faction of an overwhelming law-abiding religious community.

The threats led Ms. Bolan, the Vancouver Sun and the police to institute a number of security measures to protect her from consequences like those impacting Tara Singh Hayer, the editor of the Indo Canadian Times of Surrey B.C., who was killed in his garage during 1998.

For her work, Ms. Bolan was awarded the Courage of Journalism Award by the International Women’s Media Foundation and the Jack Webster Memorial Award, the B.C. Newspaper Award and an award from the South Asian Journalists’ Foundation.

Today, in recognition of her strength of character, professionalism and courage to continue in her role as a leading journalist in the face of threats and other forms of extreme intimidation, the National Press Club of Canada is pleased to award the Press Freedom Award to Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun.

Please join me in congratulating Kim Bolan.

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