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 The West - Regional Issues


The West in Canada

David has been known throughout his political career as a politician who stands up for Western Canadians. Issues like BSE, Senate Reform and Western economic diversification have been at the forefront of his political interests, and with good reason. The Calgary-Edmonton corridor is Canada’s “Western Tiger," and a recent TD Financial Group Study predicted that it could the most prosperous and best place to live in North America. The West of the 21st century contains 1/3 of the Canadian population and will soon have 1/3 of the seats in the House of Commons. Yet Western Canadians continue to say that they feel their priorities are not adequately addressed within Confederation. The Ottawa-West relationship must be repaired now. Prime Minister Martin has indicated often that he will not regard his period in office as successful unless Westerners feel ourselves full partners in his government.

A Western Focus

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