New on A new view of the Russian Revolution, a translation of Virgil’s Aeneid, the heyday of New York repertory movie theaters, Putin and history, and three perspectives on the year since Donald Trump’s election.

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Bolshevism’s New Believers
Benjamin Nathans

The Bolsheviks, Yuri Slezkine’s monumental new study The House of Government suggests, were condemned to repeat history—a history driven not by class struggle, as they thought, but by theology.


Virgil Revisited
April Bernard

David Ferry’s new translation of the Aeneid is an iteration, another version, but also—perhaps, almost—the thing itself.


NYR Daily


The Heroic Age of New York Movie Theaters
Phillip Lopate

A superb new book captures the phenomenon of New York repertory movie theaters and places it in historical context.


Putin’s Russia: Revolution, What Revolution?
Anastasia Edel

In the revised version of Russian history, Vladimir Putin appears as the savior tsar. 


Reflections on a Year with Trump


Our President Ubu
Charles Simic

The only character I can think of in the world literature who resembles Donald Trump is Père Ubu in the play Ubu Roi​.

My Anger Management
Katha Pollitt

It feels as if the world has taken a bad turn on its axis and we are now in a different, awful era.

It’s Up to Us
David Cole

In a weak democracy, an authoritarian leader like Trump could do widespread and lasting damage.