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Toronto Indigenous Health Strategy COMMUNITY LAUNCH & FEAST 

You are Invited March 23, 2016

Poster attached below. 


12-1 pm: Sacred Fire 

4:00 pm: Community 


• Sharing of the 

inaugural Toronto 

Indigenous Health 


• Diane Longboat 

and Cindy White 

5:30 pm: Community Feast 

• Traditional Food 

7:00 pm: Closing of the 

Sacred Fire 

Artwork: Joseph Sagaj 

United Church Toronto Conference peresents a Workshop in April 9th

The TRC called on churches to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery. Members of the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Team of the Christian Peacemaker Teams will help us engage the Doctrine of Discovery to learn and share how these historical and ongoing issues have led to current displacement of Indigenous people groups, and a whole host of social, political and cultural issues.

Event date 04-09-2016 9:00 am
Event End Date 04-09-2016 12:00 pm
Capacity 100
Registered 13
Available place 87
Cut off date 04-01-2016
Location St Johns United Church, Alliston

Document of Discovery Book: 
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Watch "Doctrine of Discovery" on YouTube

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​How are your Petitions coming along for Kairos?​http://www.kairoscanada.org/windsofchange
The ministry of shared suffering

UN Condemns Doctrine of Discovery

United Nations declares the Holy See legally responsible and accountable


Trudeau government to consult directly with First Nations on Trans Mountain, Energy East pipelines 

Trudeau backs away from election pledge on First Nation veto
​(Ah, semantics!P)​
'Free, prior and informed consent' a fairer way

British Columbia Must Respect Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Can Trudeau heal broken relationship with First Nations?:

Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo hears about salmon catch ban 

Liberals back down on First Nations transparency

Cutting back on aboriginal spending will cost more in long run

UN expert applauds Trudeau's comments on indigenous issues -

National food strategy will include aboriginal inpu

Matthew Coon Come: We must end gross underfunding of reserve communities 

NWAC President Dawn Lavell-Harvard appointed to Senate Advisory Board
I didn’t want to be native at all'

Study Shows Residential School Sex Abuse Has Generational
​ ​


University of Saskatchewan partners with National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation 

Urban or Remote, Indigenous Communities Not Served Equally 

Ot­tawa fight­ing res­i­den­tial-school case

Students from Lake Babine First Nation filed a formal complaint against Justice Catherine Wedge 

 A judge has ruled a class action lawsuit filed by former Crown wards can continue.

5,300 alleged abusers located by Ottawa

More lawyers accused of mishandling residential school files

Pipeline projects need 'indigenous licence',


Why Indigenous Women Are Canada’s Fastest Growing Prison Population
Prison watchdog says more than a quarter of federal inmates are aboriginal
Inquest report slams policing failures
Palmater: Honour the treaties, keep the promises
Making Space for Indigenous Law

Even The Native American Tribe Famous For Pocahontas Only Just Won Federal Recognition. Here's Why | Bustle
First Nations equality always comes down to 'monumental David vs. Goliath epic struggle' - Aboriginal - CBC

Reconciling in the Apocalypse | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Yellowknives Dene digitize traditional knowledge archives - North - CBC News
Mohawk broadcaster Janet Rogers launches NDNs on the Airwaves - Aboriginal - CBC
Premiers must act on missing, murdered women: native women's association - Brandon Sun

Open-minded travellers can experience a week on a remote First Nations reserve
Whitewashing of Canada’s Indigenous rights record must end: Groups urge federal government not to waste opportunity of historic United Nations review | Amnesty International Canada


INDIGENOUS REFLECTIONS ON CHRISTIANITY – SACRED LAND FILM PROJECT  This episode focuses on the question “ What are the ecological implications of Christianity?” Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons, Native Hawaiian historian Davianna McGregor, Australian Aboriginal elder and former Catholic priest Patrick Dodson, and Anishinaabe author and activist Winona LaDuke offer their insights into the history of Christianity in relation to indigenous peoples and ecosystems around the world. 14 minutes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoxNyNWFvZw&feature=youtu.be  Another episode asks “What good is an Apology if actions do not follow?” Since this is the 30th anniversary of the UCC 1986 apology, this is a timely question to ponder.                         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4C36_CgsQ4
Thanks to Cecile Fausak, UCC