The only option for VN to avoid China's domination is the people of VN have to stand up to get rid of communism

Dr. Long Ba Nguyen
Charter 2000 Spokesperson

In his original in Vietnamese, Dr. Long Ba Nguyen expressed two major ideas regarding the matter to save VN from China's domination, as follows:

I. Beijing has never given up its ambition to swallow VN. This has been a tradition since thousands of years ago

The people of VN have to thoroughly understand a fundamental principle to preserve our nation and its people, that is, to keep a distance between VN and China. To place it under the dependence on China, as what the Communist Party of VN (CPV) and the government of VN have done today, is only a matter of time to lead Vietnam to China's inevitable domination. We are reminded of that experience by the case of Trieu Ai Vuong (Zhao Ai Di, 113-112 BC) and Cu Thi (the Empress Dowager) who cooperated with the Han envoy (An Quoác Thieáu Quùy in Vietnamese) to offer the country of Nam Vieät (South Yueø) to the Han Empire. Prime Minister Löõ Gia (Lu Jia) reacted and brought troops to kill all three. The Han Emperor later mobilized his expeditionary army to defeat Lu Gia and Trieäu Döông Vöông (Zhao Yang Di, i.e. Trieäu Kieán Ñöùc, the king to replace Trieäu Ai Vöông) and the country of Nam Vieät (South Yueø) fell into China's domination (that was the first China's domination of VN).

The dependence of VN today on China, especially in politics and economics (the CPV is considered a chapter of the CPC), is thought to be a decisive factor to lead VN to China's domination in the years ahead, especially with the implementation of the Chengdu Agreement of 1990. Many scholars consider the CPV and Ho Chi Minh previously (now is Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong and his group) as those who have sold the country of VN to China.

Since the Han Empire, and later, the Tang Dynasty, the Song, the Yuan, the Ming, the Qing, and recently, Mao Tse Tung of the CPC, and even Xi Jinping now, all had an ambition to conquer VN. That has become a tradition or a norm that Beijing wants Vietnam to be.

There was a theory that because VN was under China's domination for nearly a thousand years, the East Sea of VN (they called the South China Sea) traditionally belonged to China. They cited Zheng He (Trònh Hoøa) as a typical case of China's Navy conquest of the South China Sea, to very far places in the Pacific and Indian Ocean (as India, Middle East...). The Nine-Dotted-Line that Beijing raised as the one indicating their maritime sovereignty was based in part on such stories that they conquered the South China Sea by Navy in the long past history.

The Philippines has brought the matter of the Nine-Dotted-Line and China's occupation of their maritime territories (such as the Scarborough Shoal) to the international court on UNCLOS at the Hague, and a judgment from the Court (re: the Philippines v/s China) is expected to be rendered in May, 2016.

For VN, now is too late to escape the fate of China's domination in the years ahead, except if the people of VN dare to stand up to get rid of communism and declare before the world that the new regime in VN doesn't accept the secret and inequality agreements/treaties signed between the CPC and the CPV and their communist regimes.

In the years ahead, the Charter 2000 Movement will try to cooperate with the patriotic forces/individuals, in the homeland and overseas, to form a new entity/organization which is able to mobilize the people of VN to stand up for the purpose of getting rid of communism for the fatherland.

We have worked for a long time for this purpose, but the time from now until 2020 will be decisive as Nguyen Phu Trong and his group are implementing the Chengdu Agreement (the Chengdu Agreement, according to information from the internet, sets that in 2020, VN will become a part of China, probably as a part of the United States of Socialist China as Nguyen Phu Trong stated recently in a reception). If this turns into a reality, the name of the country of Vietnam will no longer exist in the world!

II. What will the Charter 2000 Movement do to counter Nguyen Phu Trong and the CPV's scheme to implement the Chengdu Agreement from now until 2020?

1. The Charter 2000 Movement has put forward a warning regarding the appointments of Hoaøng Trung Haûi (a politburo member whose father is of Chinese origin) as Secretary of the CPV in Hanoi, and Dinh La Thaêng (another Politburo member) as Secretary of the CPV in Saigon (HCM City). Both these two men are inclined to Beijing. This may be a scheme of Xi Pinjing to nullify those Viet patriots and democracy activists in these two most important cities, by shutting their voice in the future when VN becomes a part of China according to the Chengdu Agreement. Unless the people of VN dare to stand up to get rid of communism, the future is very dark for the activists in Hanoi and Saigon to lead the country in the struggle to escape China.

2. The Charter 2000 Movement is changing its plan for the period 2016-2010. We will reserve more time for the leaders to complete the strategic works to create a revolution against the actions of Nguyen Phu Trong and his group to sell the country of VN to China, as they are implementing the Chengdu Agreement now. The schedule of the "Patriotic Poems - Political Essays - and Revolutionary Actions (or Action Plans) of the Charter 2000 Movement between 2016 and 2020 will be re-planned as follows:

The Contests will be organized in 2016, 2018, and 2020. For 2017 and 2019, there won't be any Contest.

The leaders need more time to complete their strategic works for an anticipated revolution in the year 2020 or later. Please refer to Dr. Long Ba Nguyen's original in Vietnamese for more information.