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Please Stand up once for Human Rights at China: liberty is in biggest danger and China is collapsing

By Maggie Wenzhuo Hou

If you have not heard enough bad news from China:

the killing of Chinese kindergarten children; dozens children butchered;

the sequence of suicide by Chinese workers - 16 workers in Chinese factories died within two weeks;

the killing of its own citizens, by tanks;

the torture of the most courageous human rights lawyers;

and maybe thousands of Tibetans died in China's crush;

and maybe thousands Ugyhur people died in China's cracking down;

Today, we hear another bad news - we are all astonished:

Hong Kong, which used to be able to hold an annual memorial service of June 4th, today, on fabricated excuse, arrested the member of "Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China" - a group has been organizing peaceful memorial service for people died in 1989 for the last 21 years.

We already know that Hong Kong gradually lost its freedom. But we are deeply troubled that the last bit of freedom in Hong Kong -ie China could not be reserved.

Hence, I am here pleading to you, please show concern. Please tell your government and Hong Kong government and the government in China - we guard our freedom. The loss of freedom starts in places that may seem far to you -but, very soon, if you do not take action, it will make yourself pay the price.

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