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Solving the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya

On Saturday, 6 October 2007, Marking the first anniversary of her death, over 60 celebrities and dignitaries have signed a letter in the British newspaper, The Times, calling on Russia to bring the killers of journalist Anna Politkovskaya to justice.

The letter urges international leaders to do everything they can to protect journalists working in conflict areas.

Ms Politkovskaya, a strong critic of Russia's military campaign in Chechnya, was shot dead in Moscow on 7 October 2006.

The letter's signatories include the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Desmond Tutu, the American actress Susan Sarandon and the British playwright Harold Pinter.

Suspects released

"We call on the Russian government to bring to justice, in full conformity with international standards, both those who killed Anna Politkovskaya and those who have ordered her murder," the letter said.

"We owe it to the memory of Anna to protect the very few who still speak out, on behalf of those to whom nobody wants to listen."

The inquiry into her death has been criticized as vague with many suspects having been released and no-one charged with her murder.

Ms Politkovskaya was openly critical of President Vladimir Putin and Russia's security forces.

She was found shot dead in a lift at her Moscow home on 7 October 2006.


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