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Pro-Communist Group Attacks Participants in Korea 'Quit the CCP Parade'

Violence in similar fashion to attacks in Flushing, New York last year
Epoch Times
September 14, 2009

With the 60th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rule approaching, a group of pro-communist Chinese attacked participants of a “Quit the CCP” parade on Sept. 13 in South Korea’s Ansan City.

The incident recalls last year’s violence in Flushing, New York, when participants of a “Quit the CCP” parade were attacked by pro-communist Chinese. Only this time the attacks took place in South Korea and a large group of Chinese numbering over 100 suddenly showed up and attacked participants of a parade that celebrated 60 million Chinese who have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

More than 10 participants of the parade were reported to have been injured by the thugs. The thugs also damaged participants’ equipment, banners, and posters.

We Are Not Afraid

At around 2 p.m., soon after participants of the parade broke up, more than 100 thugs suddenly showed up and ravaged the site where the gathering was held. Some carried weapons such as a three-section staff, attacking whomever they came in contact with and damaging participants’ banners and posters.

The thugs did not stop the violence when police were called to the scene. Many witnesses told The Epoch Times that some of the thugs shouted, “The Chinese Embassy is behind us and we have nothing to be afraid of. The Korean police cannot do anything about this.”

Three men were arrested and taken to the Ansan police station at around 3 p.m. One of the men, who is a Chinese claimed, “It does not matter if I’m detained for 10 or more days. I’m not afraid if I will be extradited back to China. I want to contact the Chinese Embassy.”

Mr. Zheng, who was attacked, said he saw the man use his cell phone to contact the Chinese Embassy and have a brief conversation with someone in the embassy.

Many participants felt that the thugs were very aggressive and their violence pre-meditated. One witness named Shen said, “Usually many Chinese were afraid of police because of their illegal immigration status. Yet many of them did not even blink their eyes with the presence of so many policemen. This is very unusual.”

Shen also said he recognized one of the thugs who also stirred violence back in February when there was a parade in Ansan for the celebration of 50 million Chinese who quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

‘Attack Whoever Practices Falun Gong’

Another witness, Ms. Cui, 43, recalled that some thugs carried weapons and that they were obviously organized and premeditated. “When they closed in to the park, three men in black outfits carried something like three-section staffs to smash the posters.”

Zheng said, “Judging from the way they attacked, they seemed to have some sort of training. They did not attack sensitive areas like the face [which can easily leave traces of evidence]. They mainly attacked the chest area and whatnot.”

Ms. Kim who was at the scene said a man shouted, “Never mind if it’s a man or woman. Just attack whoever practices Falun Gong.” The man also asked her if she was a Falun Gong practitioner.

Mr. Kim, who is a Korean, told The Epoch Times, “One man shouted this when he was attacking a Falun Gong practitioner, ‘Last time when Li Changchun [a member of the Polituro Standing Committee of the CCP and propaganda chief of the CCP] visited Korea, he told the Korean government that he wanted to extradite all Falun Gong practitioners back to China and kill them all.’”

More than 10 Falun Gong practitioners were reported to have been injured due to the attack. One Korean Falun Gong practitioner surnamed Li was severely injured on the ankle with his clothes torn apart.

Participants who were injured were taken away by police for further observation.

CCP Dispatched Thousands Spies before its National Day

Mr. Park, Division Director of the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, Korean Division, pointed out that it was the Chinese communist regime that manipulated the violent attacks from behind the scene. Mr. Park said, “According to inside information, the Chinese communist government dispatched large numbers of agents to different countries before the 60th Anniversary of the so-called ‘National Day.’

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Shen also said, recently in Anshan district, a lot more Chinese people joined the mob to attack the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP. On September 12, the day before the rally to support 60 million people who have withdrawn from the CCP, the projector for showing the “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” was damaged by Chinese communist thugs.

Korean Version of the Violent Flushing Incident

“Defying Korean laws and people’s constitutional rights, more than 100 Chinese people attacked a legal rally of Korean attendees,” said the Korean Falun Dafa Association spokesperson Wu Shilie, “They must have received orders and a detailed plan from a force behind the scene.”

Mr. Wu said this incident is of the same nature as the violent Flushing incident which took place in New York last year. In the Flushing incident, it was proven that the Chinese consulate in New York brought in Chinese to attack the Flushing Service Center for Quitting the CCP.

It was also similar to the group attack by Chinese overseas students when the Olympic Torch came to Seoul in May last year. Under the manipulation of the Chinese Embassy in Korea, Chinese overseas students brutally attacked Korean citizens and injured many. The incident seriously damaged the image of Chinese overseas students.

A Chinese citizen who happened to witness the attack said, “As a matter of fact, everyone knows the Chinese communist regime is extremely corrupt, and that the CCP has never done anything good for the people. It is obvious the perpetrators today have obtained some benefits from the CCP; otherwise, how did they dare to commit such crime without any constraint in a democratic country?”

This witness has worked in Korea for three years, and he indicated he wanted to remain anonymous.

He recalled how the CCP mistreated Korean minorities in China in the past and became outraged, because the CCP felt threatened that they would tell relatives in Korea the truth about the CCP. “We Koreans had to be very sensitive to the CCP’s temperament. If someone has a relative or a family member in South Korea, he would be labeled counter-revolutionary. Countless people committed suicide because of this. Their families were torn apart.”

“Let’s wait and see if these people refuse to believe this,” he continued “When the CCP collapses, who will suffer most? These people are in the most pitiful situation.”

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