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Shame on Canadian politicians

By Steven Shi, Canada Free Press
October 07, 2009

I was sentenced to six years in prison for “anti-revolutionary mobilization” in 1990 simply because I wrote many letters to all levels of the Chinese regime opposing the TianAnMen Massacre in 1989. I fled China to live in Canada, a country I admire – where I can write letters without fear of being imprisoned for expressing my views.

But I am shocked and saddened to see Canadian politicians continuously kow-towing to the Communist murderers. While they believe that they are pleasing the Chinese voters, they are not. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) front organizations who claim to be representing the Chinese community but are really the voice of the Chinese Embassy do not represent me, nor the majority of Chinese Canadians who came to Canada for freedom.

Last week some politicians in Ottawa paid tribute to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Communist regime. Shame on them. China has a glorious 5,000 years history, not 60 years. The Communist regime does not represent China. The Communist history is not China’s history. Couldn’t those few Canadian politicians figure it out?

In 1949 when the Communists got power they began to kill immediately and they never stopped. They have killed more people (70 million) than Hitler and Stalin combined. They are still killing and persecuting now – Tibetans, Uighurs Underground Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, rights defenders, people who hold different opinions, and more.

Instead of praising the Chinese Communists, Canadian politicians should be educating themselves and the people they represent about the repressive and deceiving nature of the Chinese Communist regime.

October 1st should be a day of mourning and remembrance, not celebration, for the tens of millions of Chinese killed, tortured, and imprisoned and for the 1.3 billion still oppressed.

The Canadian politicians praising the Chinese Communist Party murderous regime are “useful idiots’ in the minds of the Communist cadres.

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