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Huang Ciping Featured in two Secret Truth Radio Programs about the Status of Chinese Democracy and Human Rights

Wei Jingsheng Foundation
October 31, 2009

On October 3 and 10, Huang Ciping was invited to appear on the Secret Truth radio programs to talk about the status of Chinese democracy and human rights, with particular focus on the Chinese Communist Party's 60 years ruling of China and its abuses of human rights, and on freedom loving Chinese' reaction to this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The radio programs are hosted by George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown, who care about human rights and long-time friends of the Chinese. More detail about this program including live broadcasts and past programs are available on its website at:

The Huang programs are available on the Secret Truth website archive and also on the Wei Jingsheng Foundation website.

For the 30 minute long interview of Huang Ciping’s interview on October 3, 2009, please visit: or;

For the 15 minute interview on October 10, 2009, please visit:

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