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By Hon. David Kilgour
March 18, 2009

‘Hosted by Terrorists?` (Mar. 23) does a serious injustice to the largest Iranian opposition movement, the PMOI, which today advocates a nuclear-weapons-free Iran, equal rights for women and minority ethnocultural communities and religions, separation of church and state, the rule of law and independent judges, representative democracy and good relations with neighbours and the world.

In June 2001, the PMOI renounced violence against the regime in Tehran, which had executed--and continues to murder-- tens of thousands of PMOI supporters and other Iranians. Seven judgements by independent European courts have looked carefully at this issue and found decisively in the PMOI's favour as a non-violent opposition movement. Both houses of the UK parliament accordingly voted to delist the PMOI in the spring of 2008 after its Court of Appeal, which considered both

classified and unclassified evidence, reached the same conclusion. The 27-member EU Council of Ministers voted to delist it in January, 2009.

The Canadian and American governments should do likewise without further delay.

Hon. David Kilgour,

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