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Sticking to Consciousness: Remembering the Tiananmen Massacre

Human Rights Without Frontiers Int'l
June 03, 2009

HRWF (03.06.2009) / Website: - Email: - In 1989, millions of students and civilians in Beijing held a peaceful demonstration focusing on anti-bureaucracy and anti-corruption, demanding that people should enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of press. They also demanded that a democratic reform in politics and economy should be carried out..

However, on June 4, the communist regime employed over 200 000 soldiers and a large number of tanks, machine guns to slaughter the unarmed students, suppressing the unprecedented democratic movement led by students as well as causing the Tiananmen Massacre" which shocked China and the whole world.

Over the past 20 years, the CCP has deceived the whole world with lies by firstly claiming the people slaughtered were thugs; then they tried hard to make the scene of the massacre disappear from people's memory. The regime also tried hard to make people's impressions on the massacre become dim by forbidding people to talk about the massacre and by forbidding media to get involved in reporting the massacre. The whole country seems to be like an airtight "Iron House" with all the voice of the masses, all the wail, tearful complaining and groan from the relatives of the victims being blocked out of the "Iron House".

Now the bloodstain of the students has been washed away, the shot marks have been erased and the scene of the massacre has been decorated with flowers.

However, can all of this cover up the evils committed by the CCP and eliminate the year-after-year sufferings from the victims' relatives? No, absolutely not. The June 4 Massacre has long been nailed on the post of China's history. It is absolutely not a "political turmoil" as mentioned casually by the communist regime but an out-and-out antihuman atrocity, which must be reassessed. Historical facts cannot be distorted, and nobody can deny the cruel facts that thousands of precious lives were taken away by the CCP's machine guns and tanks 20 years ago.

On occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre, we write this article to console the patriotic students' souls who were slaughtered by the communist regime. In the meantime. We appeal to all the people with a sense of justice and consciousness to stand out against the dictatorship and urge the communist regime to give the massacre a fair and public trial to uphold the social justice.

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