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Fact sheet on Ashraf

July 30, 2009

The brutal raid

  • At 15:00 local time on Tuesday, the Iraqi police force started attack on Ashraf. In the course of the attacks Iraqi forces fired directly at the residents of Ashraf, used pepper gas, tear gas, sound grenades, and boiling water.
  • The Iraqi force also used batons and iron stick, severely beating members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) to death.
  • Loaders belonged to Iraqi force demolished the side fences and walls and forces on foot attacked from various sides and forced their way into Ashraf. The loaders were also used to run over defenseless residents of Ashraf.
  • In a mirror image of the actions of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and plainclothes agents in Iran, began to break the windows of vehicles belonging to Ashraf residents, slashed their tires with knives and daggers, and smashed trees and stone pavements in the middle and sides of roads. They are extremely sensitive to taking of pictures and video, and violently attack those engaging in recording of their actions.
  • The agents are equipped with electric batons, axes, Iron bars, hoop iron, and sticks with nails sticking out from top to bottom. They prevent the crossing of vehicles carrying the injured and beat passengers with the intention of killing them. PMOI member Mehrdad Safari was one of those who around midnight suffered a blow to his head, with blood gushing out.
  • On Wednesday at around 10:00 local time, Wednesday, July 29, 2009, Iraqi forces entered Camp Ashraf from the northern wing in six vehicles equipped with BKC machine guns. They opened fire on the defenseless residents of Ashraf, killing and injuring a number of people.
  • On Wednesday at the outset, water-spraying machines sprayed boiling water on Ashraf residents. Subsequently, loaders and later Humvee armored vehicles came to the scene with machineguns, constantly firing live rounds of ammunition.
  • They also attacked the water and power stations inside Ashraf
  • A 1.5 meter high sand hill has been set up to block the route to Ashraf’s main entrance to prevent traffic to the Camp.


  • 8 killed
  • 400 wounded
  • 31 taken hostage
  • Five were shout dead, one killed by a loader and two others were killed by a blow to their skull.
  • About 20:00 local time, in Ashraf, Iraq Mojahedin members Mehrdad Nick-Siar, Mohammad Reza Backhtiari, and Mehrdad Reza-Zadeh died of bullet wounds when Iraqi culprits started shooting unarmed residents of Ashraf City.
  • Amir Khayyeri, who had been in a coma after suffering from a cerebral traumatism caused by the attack of Iraqi forces, lost his life on Wednesday at about 4:30 local time. He needed urgent medical attention, but since doctors were prevented from visiting Ashraf and with the required medical supplies lacking, he died.
  • On Wednesday Hossein Mahmoudi and Hanif Emami were killed on the spot after being shot by live ammunition fired from the BKC machine guns. One of the bullets struck Hanif Emami’s heart.
  • Siavosh Nezamolmolki who was in coma since Tuesday, died on Wednesday evening bringing the death toll in Ashraf since yesterday to eight people.
  • Among the Four Hundred wounded, at least 24 of them are women. Thirteen are in critical condition. According to Ashraf medical staff; they have little chance of surviving.
  • Peyman Kord-Amir, artist and singer, is in coma right now due to severe blows to his head.
  • Ms. Zohreh Qaemi, a deputy Secretary General of the PMOI was shot by Iraqi agents of the clerical regime ruling Iran.
  • Some of the wounded are in critical condition and having respiratory problems. The situation of some of those wounded on Tuesday has deteriorated. They are in need of urgent medical attention by eye surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and ophthalmologists.
  • The Iraqi forces prevented the entry of an Iraqi physician who sought to visit and treat the wounded, many of whom are in critical condition.
  • Two wounded persons, Mansour Haddad and Asghar Yaghobpour, who were shot in the abdomen and have been in need of urgent medical attention and surgery since last night are in critical condition.
  • Thirty one have taken hostage by Iraqi forces. They were first beaten severely and were taken away when they were unconscious. Homayoun Daiyhim and Gholamreza Behrouzi, Ibrahim Komari are among those. There is no information about their fate.

Forces involved in the attack

  • Some 2,000 soldiers participated in today’s attacks by Iraqi forces against Camp Ashraf residents. About 300 of those were brought in from the police academy located north of Ashraf. According to international law, using armed personnel who are under training in attacks is not allowed and is considered a crime.
  • Anti-riot police and SWATT teams and many squadrons of police and army participated in this attack. According to reports, Damouk, chief of Diyala police commanded the vicious raid and ordered the Iraqi forces to open fire on Ashraf residents.
  • According to reports obtained from inside the clerical regime, a large number of criminals from the 9th Badr Brigade and members of the terrorist Qods Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), are among Iraqi forces attacking Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Some of them are from the so-called Central Jahaz intelligence unit of the 9th Badr Brigade, who have appeared on the scene disguising themselves as Iraqi police and carrying police identification cards.
  • According to eyewitness reports, some of the individuals among the attacking Iraqi forces speak in Farsi. As the Iranian Resistance declared yesterday, the criminal attack against Camp Ashraf is being carried out at the behest of the Iranian regime and its Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, personally. The IRGC and the terrorist Qods Force are directly involved in the planning and implementation of the attack.
  • Information about a number of suppressive forces, which have entered Camp Ashraf this morning on the orders of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, to carry out a massacre of Ashraf residents, is as follows:

    • A unit of the Aghrab Brigade from Baghdad
    • Khan Bani-Saad rapid deployment force
    • Prime Minister’s special unit commanded by a staff colonel
    • Anti-riot force
    • Second battalion of the Khalis rapid deployment force
    • Third battalion of the 37th Brigade of 9th Division
    • Battalions from the first and second rapid deployment forces of Baaqouba

Preventing journalists

  • Iraqi police forces are blocking all media access to Ashraf and preventing any direct media contact with Ashraf residents. This morning the French News Agency (AFP) intended to go to Ashraf but the reporters were not allowed to enter at the Ashraf’s outer gate. Obviously this is an attempt to cover-up the crimes against humanity committed there.
  • Attempts by an Associated Press reporter to enter Camp Ashraf today have failed. The Iraqi authorities, who are afraid that their ongoing crimes in Ashraf could be exposed, sent the journalist back from the control post outside the camp. An hour ago, an AFP reporter was also banned from entering Camp Ashraf.

US has not helpful

American forces have the capability to use helicopters to transfer the wounded to the American forces’ hospital in Balad, 20 km from Ashraf, in a matter of minutes. Some of the severely wounded, whom Ashraf residents are calling on American forces to transfer to the Balad hospital, include:

  • Farzaneh Kamani, injury: cerebral traumatism
  • Siavash Nezamolmolki, injury: cerebral traumatism
  • Amir Kheiri, injury: cerebral traumatism
  • Payman Kord-Amiri, injury: cerebral traumatism
  • Farah Sheybani, injury: cerebral traumatism
  • Zahra Ghasemi, injury: bleeding due to blow to the eye
  • Bagher Hamidi, injury: blow to the eye and burns from boiling water
  • Esmaeel Gorji, injury: blow to the eye and burns from boiling water
  • Ali-Asghar Amouzgar, injury: blow to the eye and burns from boiling water
  • Mansour Haddad, injury: hit by bullets in the abdomen and chest
  • Ghasem Bahrami, injury: hit bullet in the abdomen
  • Asghar Yaghoub, injury: hit by bullet in the abdomen as well as a broken hand
  • Sirous Morsali, injury: hit by bullets, and crushed thigh
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