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Abolishing dictatorship and stopping persecution

Human Rights Without Frontiers Int'l
July 17, 2009

On July 22,1999, the communist regime started a 10-year-long persecution against FaLun Gong practitioners under the guise of law. The peaceful activity of Falun Gong practitioners was defiled as "a political campaign of besieging the government and disturbing social order", giving the state an excuse for further crackdown against Falun Gong. However, the peaceful activity and lawful appeal of Falun Gong practitioners not only embodies the spirit and traditional morals of the Chinese nation, but as a concrete embodiment of the "truth: compassion and forbearance" of Falun Gong practitioners. In their peaceful appeal, Falun Gong practitioners do not fear the power politics and they are brave enough to tell the truth, which embodies "truth: compassion and forbearance". In order to safeguard universal values, Falun Gong practitioners, regardless of their own personal safety and benefits, presented to the world the truth of a practicing organization with excellent moral accomplishments and an unyielding spirit. Suffering from the cruel persecution of the communist regime, they reveal the truth through various channels, which can be defined as "compassion". In the past ten years, Falun Gong practitioners all over the world have consistently practiced their beliefs, safeguarding "truth, compassion and forbearance", they have suffered much and have become an embodiment of "forbearance".

The CCP is an illegal regime, which uses surreptitious means or measures. The truth cannot be revealed to the public openly, because the communist regime restricts freedom of speech and the spread of truth at all costs, falsify lying to cover up the fact at all costs and employ whatever the regime has to brainwash the Falun Gong practitioners by force. What is more, the regime has deceived the general public by imbuing the public with the idea of "law" to enslave and fool the general public of China.

It is well known that all the so-called law, education, politics, propaganda and economy, etc. of communist regime have been used to maintain its brutal rule over the people, they are not used for the sake of the interests of the people or for the sake of national prosperity.

In 1999, about 100,000,000 Chinese people practiced Falun Gong based on the notion of "truth, compassion and forbearance", the general mood of society and moral standard of people was raised. However, the communist regime could not allow the existence of "truth, compassion and forbearance", as the regime has employed trickery to deceive its people. So the crackdown and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners have become a compulsory choice. As the CCP is very much afraid of the exposure of the truth and is fearful of the public' knowing about the truth, which in turn makes the truth become a sharp sword hung over the head of CCP.

The fact has proven that only by abolishing the one-party dictatorship and returning politics to the people can the Falun Gong practitioners be excused from being persecuted. This is the only way to save China.

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