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Who is the "Black Hand" Behind the Scenes in the Urumqi Riots?

By Wei Jingsheng
July 10, 2009

As soon as the Urumqi riots happened, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claimed that there was a "black hand" acting as the evil backstage manipulator behind the scene. The terminology of "the black hand" got stir-fried many times in the public and the CCP controlled media.

Is there really a "black hand" behind the scene? Many people do not believe that, because whenever the CCP frames others, it always labels them as "black hands". When the CCP cannot figure a rightful reason, it manufactures "black hands" conveniently. After too many times of "crying wolf", the CCP cannot be believed anymore. But there are still many people who could be misled by the lies of the CCP. The CCP's skill of lying is also progressing with time. Following CCP lies, there are always some saying things that sound real but are not true, in an effort to prove the lies are true.

This time it was said that the CCP could not be responsible for the Urumqi riots, because it does not want to create chaos for itself. Could this be true? Let us give a brief review of the events, followed by an analysis of the commentaries behind that lie.

The Urumqi incident is a large-scale ethnic conflict that was induced by the ethnic conflict in ShaoGuan of Guangdong Province. More and more overseas reports have proven that the ShaoGuan conflict was not a direct conflict within the people, but a conflict that was carefully orchestrated and even intentionally manufactured.

There are a lot of activities on the Internet nowadays. Recently, there were several events that happened due to information propagated by the Internet, such as the WengAn Incident, Yang Jia Incident, etc. In particular, the recent Deng YuJiao Incident forced the CCP to surrender itself to public opinion. Picture how the CCP seethed with the anger due to this. Nevertheless, there is a huge Internet army employed by the CCP, since they are also trying to use the Internet to manipulate and to spread rumors for political gain. At the beginning, there were a lot of rumors defaming the minorities, which were not popular. Then, they combined the rumors with actions, and were very successful on June 26 in ShaoGuan of Guangdong.

Combining all the reports we could get gives a brief outline of the events in ShaoGuan. First, stir up the society by making rumors; then claim "rape" as some Uyghur youths pursue Han Chinese girls; pre-arranged security personnel come out to arrest people; then the Mafia mob controlled by the police would beat the unprepared Uyghur youths to death. Naturally the other Uyghurs would rush in to protect their own people. At this time massive numbers of Han Chinese who were stirred up in advance would also arrive. Thus the CCP produces a successful ethnic conflict.

However, the conflict in ShaoGuan was only a foreplay, not the main game. There were very few Uyghurs in ShaoGuan and the Han Chinese there would not feel the need for protection. This is not enough to stir up the general mood of the whole society, thus it only a foreplay in the scheme; a practice, as it was. The main play is that the Uyghur organizations overseas of course would take action to protect their own brothers and sisters who are persecuted, thus providing an opportunity for the Chinese government.

However, the "World Uyghur Congress" and its former organization "World Uyghur Youth Congress" excluded terrorism, and thus could not meet the conditions to induce bloody conflict. Indeed, the demonstration that happened at the beginning of the Urumqi riots was very peaceful and rational. There were even picket disciplinary personnel to maintain order, in an effort to prevent the demonstrating Uyghurs from engaging in conflict with the on-looking Han Chinese on the sides.

But the CCP was not worried. After all, Rebiya Kadeer does not lead all the Uyghurs and there are plenty of people from the terrorist groups even cooperating with Osama bin Laden. Thus, the Chinese government did not take measures to prevent these terrorists from mixing in, and further let the police ruin the discipline of those demonstrating. Under these circumstances, the terrorists would naturally get into a free-for-all. They would of course take brutal actions, and in return induce the righteous indignation of the Han Chinese. Now this whole play is produced. The lives of the common people of both Uyghurs and Han Chinese become the victims of a huge conspiracy.

During this whole play, the "black hand" was hiding behind the scene for the first half of the show, where it is difficult to be discovered. However, near the crucial end, the Chinese government must come forward to coordinate in an effort to produce the needed effect. Thus in both ShaoGuan and Urumqi, as the riots started and reached life threatening levels, both the government and the police were unusually absent from the scene. In particular in Urumqi this absence lasted for about 4 to 5 hours.

According to the words of the Chinese government, they had been monitoring the communication between the overseas organizations and people in XinJiang. Massive amounts of bricks used for the riots were sent into Urumqi city by trucks. So what would happen would be obvious even to an outsider. However, why were there 4 to 5 hours vacuum during the riots before the military police came to interfere? Why did the government refuse in advance to mobilize the military police from the outside into Urumqi? This exactly proved who is the real "black hand".

It is a lie to state that "the CCP does not want chaos, and it would not want to create chaos for itself". That is nonsense that lacks of common sense. Who made chaos in the society during the Nazi Germany time? "To take victories from chaos and to catch the fish in mud water" is the mandatory lesson the dictatorial politics must learn. It was Adolf Hitler who made the Jewish people the "public enemy" to cheat the German people and thus unify them to follow the orders from the Nazi party. It was Mao Zedong who turned the "landlords and capitalists" into the "public enemy" to cheat the Chinese people and thus unify them to follow the orders of the CCP.

After tens of millions of people were starved to death during the "Great Leap Forward" period, the trick of turning the "landlords and capitalists" into public enemies became ineffective. So the CCP timely ferreted out the "Capitalists within the Party" as the new targets. If there is no target, then there is no dictatorship. This is the rule. Nowadays, the bureaucratic capitalists are the hated targets of the Chinese people; that is the CCP itself is the target of the people. Of course this is not acceptable to the CCP.

Thus, the minorities become the easiest diversion targets, to replace the target of the bureaucratic CCP. Stirring up ethnic groups' hatred against each other as Hitler did before, became a big subject that is related to the life and death of the CCP itself. They chose the Uyghurs instead of the Tibetans or Mongolians, because in Tibet, the Han Chinese is still a minority that would only escape rather than sustain a lasting big battle. In Inner Mongolia, there are already too few Mongolians. Only in XinJiang, are there reasonably comparable forces of Uyghurs and Han Chinese. That is why they are the chosen targets.

Of the people who claim that the CCP is not responsible for stirring up these riots because the CCP wants stability, I would say some of them are too bookwormish to have common sense. But I am afraid that some of them are indeed smart enough, and even get paid to speak on the CCP's behalf.

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