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Letter to Canadian Prime Minister about developments in Iran

December 28, 2009

Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Re: Iranian uprising

We are writing to urge you and the Canadian government to take a principled stand against the regime in Tehran for its brutal suppression of the Iranian people in their renewed uprising for human dignity, freedom and democracy.

We stressed in our letter to you of June 27th that the nationwide uprising of Iranians then underway illustrated the explosive condition of the country and the demand of a large majority of Iranians for the norms of democratic governance. The overwhelming support for the demonstrations by Iranians living in exile, including an estimated 90,000 near Paris in June, echoed what was happening within the country.

Iranians spoke loudly and clearly again when they poured into the streets in Tehran and all major cities across the country over the past few days to show the world that they are ready to risk their lives to bring about democratic change in Iran. We Canadians must not close our eyes to their plight and their determination to have their voices heard. As a leader in the rule of law world, and one who has successfully spearheaded United Nations General Assembly resolutions censuring Iran's totalitarians for their human rights record, we urge your government to re-affirm its support now.

We urge your government as well to impose diplomatic, trade and political sanctions upon Tehran and a travel ban on its high officials. We can challenge the legitimacy of the regime by pressing to have a UN-supervised election in which candidates from across the political spectrum, including the Iranian opposition in exile, can participate fairly. Such a democratic overture would not only be in the best interests of the Iranian people but in line with Canadian values. It is also the most effective means of overcoming the unresolved nuclear crisis in which the Ayatollahs appear to be pursuing the making a nuclear bomb with all possible speed.

Prime Minister, we urge support for the struggling Iranian people. We protect Canada best when we defend internationally its cornerstone values, including the rule of law and human dignity enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms-- the same values Iranians are seeking.


"David W. Kilgour", Co-Chair

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