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International TV in French, TV5, reveals in details the « Bloody Harvest » of organs taken from Falun Gong practitioners in China

On December 3rd, 2009, a conference was organized at the French Parliament by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in presence of four MPs, two famous surgeons, Francis Navarro and Yves Chapuis from the French Academy of Medicine, two NGOs (Amnesty International and « Ensemble contre la Peine de mort » against the death penalty), David Kilgour and Michel Wu, former head of the Service in Chinese of Radio France International. The international television TV5 broadcast in all French speaking countries in the world, did an in-depth report denouncing the fact that the Chinese regime uses Falun Gong practitioners massively for the criminal and lucrative traffic or organs in China.

Here is the link to watch the video :

Permanent link from faluninfo in French :

And the translated version of the report :

“France : The journalist Michel Wu expresses himself on the harvesting of organs on Falun Gong detainees in China

In the TV news tonight we will focus on a health scandal in China, a country that already counts many others. Remember the baby milk contaminated with melamine or the blood transfusions infected with HIV. This time it concerns a traffic of organs from humans. A large scale traffic that has been going on for ten years. The organs are harvested on prisoners, people opposing the regime, detainees condemned to death. The main group concerned is the Falun Gong movement against which the Chinese Communist Party launched a merciless war.  

[Report on the “July 20th” activities in Paris on the occasion of the 10 years of repression against Falun Gong.]  

“Precisely ten years ago the Chinese authorities launched a repression campaign consisting of arrests, detainment in labor camps and even organ harvesting according to Falun Gong […]”  

[live broadcast on TV5 on December 3rd, 2009]  

« Today our guest for the news flash is Michel Wu. Thanks for being with us. You have worked for many years as a journalist for Radio France International. We just saw it, the Falun Gong movement is the object of a terrible repression by the Chinese regime. And a report has been published on this traffic of human organs. Years of silence, it has never really been widely revealed. It is true that the regime imposes the strictest silence on these deeds and Falun Gong member are the first victims.  

  • Michel Wu: Yes, it is true, this is a real human disaster. This info dates back from 2006. It was first revealed by a Chinese journalist, who was investigating on SARS, you know the bird flu and during the investigation he discovered something abnormal. He found our that there was a flourishing market of organ transplants but what is curious is that Chinese people are not used to donating their organs. Indeed, traditionally Chinese people consider that the human body is a gift from God, therefore it is sacred. So with the sudden increase of transplants, the question remained to know where these organs came from. Little by little, step by step, he discovered a first camp where members of Falun Gong were detained, ready to be stolen [of their organs]
  • TV5: This is what we call the notorious reeducation camps, that are in fact detention camps where tortures are routinely inflicted upon prisoners and also this organ harvesting.
  • Michel Wu: That’s right, this is the first source of information … you know back then this piece of news was like a bomb, it caused an international outrage and it helped people inside to realize what was going on. Then some doctors that had been forced to do the dirty job, and also retired military doctors started to speak the truth.
  • TV5: Can you tell us more about how it happens concretely. Activists and members of Falun Gong are detained in those camps. While they are still alive, organs are taken from their bodies. Of course they die as a consequence of this harvesting and it happens in military hospitals.
  • Michel Wu: yes, mainly in military hospitals, but also in civil ones. Anyway, according to the information from the Chinese professionals who have decided to speak out, the organ harvesting on Falun Gong members is a real system, well organized. There’s a whole network, with internal communication. It is an industry.
  • TV5: Who benefits from the crime, if I may say ?
  • Michel Wu: Listen, you know after the Cultural Revolution, especially after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Beijing regime started to worship money. Back then, Deng Xiaoping, the Small Helmsman, launched a slogan « Get rich ! ». But it was an imperative, without any gerund. So at the time, people understood that one can make money, by any means. Since foreigners and Chinese have a real need for organ transplants, since it is expensive, therefore an idea came up to find human organs other that those taken from death penalty detainees that used to serve as an bank of organs. Indeed, before that the organs were always taken from people who were condemned to death. But when the number of death penalty detainees was no longer sufficient to meet the requests for organs, so they tried to find other sources.
  • TV5: This concerns thousands and thousands of people,
  • Michel Wu: of members of Falun Gong.
  • TV5: Thanks a lot Michel Wu, again the report has been published and the scandal is the object of a book written by two Canadian lawyers who have made an investigation, David Kilgour and David Matas, the book is called « Bloody Harvest » and was published by the Seraphine editions. Thanks a lot. »
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