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DAY 76: Your Voice is Urgently Needed for Kidnapped Christian Attorney Gao Zhisheng

The cry for justice for kidnapped human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng is building momentum, and it is vital to press forward for his freedom. Your families' and friends' voices and signatures are urgently needed to break the Chinese government's silence. With each day that passes, Gao's life is at a greater risk.

Gao Zhisheng angered Chinese officials because he boldly spoke out for truth and justice, defending Christians and others persecuted for their beliefs. On February 4, Gao was seen being hauled away by more than a dozen police officers from his home in Shaanxi province; he has not been heard from since.

As far as we know, Gao is experiencing severe torture. His wife and two children are anxious to hear from him. Please send this e-mail to family and friends today. China Aid wants to deliver the petition to Chinese and U.S. government officials right away and needs more signatures to release an outcry that will break the silence.

In addition, China Aid has just received 2,700 new e-mail addresses for Chinese government officials. The Chinese Communist Party is certain that their economic power buys the silence of the outside world, however they will be required to respond to tens of thousands of people crying out for one man's life. We are committed to push until the silence over Gao Zhisheng breaks.

Please forward this post to your family and friends, and urge them to join in this effort on Gao Zhisheng's behalf.

Go to to send e-mails to officials. Make a contribution online. Help China Aid continue to press forward for Gao's freedom. Go to now.

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