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Now or never for Zimbabwe

Letter from the Team
Posted on July 3, 2008

Mugabe has seized the Presidency of Zimbabwe in a sham election. We urgently need our governments to refuse to recognize him this week. Click below to send a message to your head of state:

After a violence-ridden, sham 'election' last Friday, Robert Mugabe has declared himself President of Zimbabwe. Ominous reports of a massive crackdown on all his opponents are circulating. The fate of the country now hangs on negotiations between Mugabe and the legitimate winner of the first round election -- Morgan Tsvangirai.

If governments around the world refuse to recognize Mugabe, and strongly push other governments to do the same, his position will be weakened, and he could be pressured into agreeing to a deal with Tsvangirai that reflects the will of the Zimbabwean people. There's still hope to save Zimbabwe, but every day of silence strengthens Mugabe's position.

So far only a few governments have refused to recognize Mugabe as President -- we urgently need to turn this trickle into a flood, this week. Click below to send a personalized message directly to your head of state or foreign minister, and forward this email to others who could help:

The people of Zimbabwe are desperate for change. The country has been decimated by Mugabe, with 80% unemployment, 160,000% inflation, and rampant fear -- over 30% of the population has fled the country.

The people of Zimbabwe clearly voted for Tsvangirai over Mugabe in the first round of the election, which was more free of violence. Then Mugabe's party waged a campaign of terror and intimidation and Tsvangirai was forced to withdraw after almost 100 of his party activists were murdered. The UN Secretary General and election observers from the African Union and Southern Africa Development Community have condemned the run off election as illegitimate, and the African Union has called for negotiations.

There is now only one path away from the violence -- a negotiated agreement. If leaders from Brazil to Botswana and Indonesia to India reject the regime, there is a chance of an agreement that reflects the will of the people. We have to act fast, it's now or never for Zimbabwe. Send your message now and spread the word:

With hope,

the Team

PS: For more information and sources for the facts above, see:

Regional leaders criticizing Mugabe:

Tanzania's Kikwete -
Rwanda's Kagame -
Kenya's Odinga -
Uganda's Museveni -
Botswana's Merafhe -
Zambia's Mwanawasa -

Impact of Zimbabwe crisis on the region:,,2-11-1662_2349987,00.html

UN Secretary General critique of run off elections:

Election observers on the run off elections:

AU summit resolution on Zimbabwe:

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